Frederik Palmø


Character Planner

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This project utilizes fundamental web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The purpose was to make it easier to plan a character for the game Elden Ring. Game data for the website was scraped into JSON format by a homemade Python script.

Hashing Library

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The purpose of this project was the implementation of a simple API for generating hashes. The project utilizes unit testing to ensure that the output is correct. A part of the exercise for me was also writing good documentation, making it easy for a new user to get started with using the package.

Leetcode Input Parser

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During the annual Advent of Code event, solutions typically begin by reading input data and transforming it into a data structure that can be worked on. This library consists of a rudimentary parser that can transform its output into specific data types. This makes it easy to understand input with just a few lines of code.

Controllable String Lights

This project involved a solution for having outdoor string lights for use in a covered lounge area. The project utilizes inexpensive, "dumb" string lights along with a microcontroller that provides a control interface accessible over the home network (for platforms like Apple HomeKit and Home-Assistant). Through this project, I have learned about IoT protocols and programming microcontrollers.

Clones of Galaga and Breakout


This project was part of the Software Development course at UCPH. In this project, I collaborated with two others as part of my study group. The project is implemented in C# and utilizes various object-oriented programming (OOP) and general software development principles (SOLID, testing, diagramming, and architectural planning).


From my home server, I manage all my projects. This involves using Linux and containers. From here, I have experience in taking a project from a pile of code to a finished product on a website.